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web site hostingOur standard hosting package offers reliability and performance on the very latest Windows Server 2003 IIS6 with support for scripting to allow dynamic sites.

For increased efficiency our advanced hosting includes load balancing and domain sharing across several servers providing maximum resilience and uptime.

Our complete hosting solution will leave you free to concentrate on what you do best...running your business!

With a free holding page hosted on our server when you purchase a domain name your internet presence is attracting visitors from the start.

If you want to take advantage of our hosting facilities but maintain your own site we can provide a tailored solution with your own access. Contact us for more details.
standard hosting package
Our standard hosting at £130 per annum gives you all the features you need to maximise your online opportunities
matrix site statistics

Your hosting package includes comprehensive site statistics showing a wide range of vital marketing information.
site statistics
These statistics include numbers of visitors, which pages they visited, which site or search engine referred them, what keywords or phrases they used to find your site and much, much more.
12 months site hosting
telephone and email support
database access for small dynamic applications
site statistics package
unlimited POP3 emails
quarterly submission to search engines
minor amendments and site updates

advanced hosting package
If your growing online business warrants greater demands our advanced site hosting solutions can match your needs

load balancers - efficiently distributes traffic over several server clusters
redundant web servers
- maintains delivery of your site if one server fails
large database access
- for heavier multi visitor traffic applications
Secure Server - using our shared SSL server giving secure connection

Please contact us for a specific quotation to suit your needs.

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