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search engines
website marketingOnce your site has been designed and published it is important that it
is noticed among the millions of other sites available on the world wide web.

Before publishing your site we will have included several techniques within its pages to make the site easier for search engine 'robots' to find and index its pages.

This ensures your site is 'search engine friendly' and more likely be found by potential visitors.

top search engines

Although there are hundreds of different search engines many 'feed' off a relatively small number of databases. A listing with the major ones is the key to success.

Although important, search engine placement should only be part of the overall marketing strategy.
searcg engine submission service

Although the internet is full of different search engines (some 3000 at the last estimate!) the top ten account for nearly 95% of all the searches that are carried out.

As hundreds and thousands of sites are being submitted daily some of the largest search engines such as Excite and LookSmart now charge for the submission of sites to their database - although this will not necessarily guarantee a high ranking!

Be wary of companies that will 'guarantee' you a 'high placing' - to maintain consistently high rankings requires regular re-submissions and a lot of regular updates. This can prove time consuming and such a service can be extremely expensive. In fact we don't think its the best value for your money.

There is no replacement for good content. We realise that many small and medium sized businesses cannot afford the high costs of such services, nor should they need to. We offer a service that is tailored to your needs. As part of our complete design and hosting package your site will be initially submitted to the main search engines, as well as additional smaller ones local to your area. It can take time to get a site listed and ongoing quarterly submissions are part of our introductory package, more specific marketing strategies can be tailored to the needs of your business.