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domain namesA Domain Name is an essential tool in creating the right identity for you or your business on the internet.

Although millions of domain names have already been sold a suitable name can still be found for your website if you don't already have one.

If necessary we can help find a domain name or range of names for you, either UK registered such as,, .name, .biz,, .info or US Registered such as .com, .net, .tv

learning about domain names
The endings for domain names are called top-level domains (TLD). The most common international TLDs are those ending in 'com' generally associated with commercial websites, 'org' generally signifies a nonprofit organisation and 'net' an Internet company such as ourselves.

These domain registrations are co-ordinated through ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) in the US who charge a standard registration fee per annum. These fees are included in our price of £16.95 per annum.

You can learn all about US Domain names by visiting the internic site.

UK registered domains include and Again registration involves a fee which is less than for US domains and so our price of £16.95 is for 2 years registration including all fees. You can learn all about UK domains from the nominet site.
choosing a domain name
If you are interested in buying a domain name you have probably looked at several adverts and found that prices can appear to vary greatly. Be careful and read some of the 'small print'.

We have NO hidden charges, NO transfer fees, just straight forward, value for money, Domain registration with added email service.
costs of domain names
We can help you select and purchase the most appropriate domain name for your needs for only £16.95 which includes

5 full POP3 Email accounts
autoresponders on each if necessary

mail forwarding

You can also upgrade to include the additional features of anti virus scanning and 'spam' filtering. Contact us for details.

If you subscribe to our full web design or hosting package as part of your site we can provide you with as many email addresses as you need. This means that, for example, all your family or staff can enjoy a personalised address based on your registered domain name. These can also have free autoresponders or email forwarding added.

If you already have email accounts set up through an ISP then you can seemlessly integrate the new accounts to your exisiting service so that your new emails can be collected alongside your existing mail without the need to redial.